Maxiliv Mega (B/3X10 Caps)

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ចំណុះ B / 3 x 10 Caps

អ្នកផលិត: Mega Lifesciences PTY Ltd

ប្រទេសផលិត: Thailand

MAXILIV contains essential components such as lecithin, phosphatidylcholine, Silybum marianum semen extract and alpha-lipoic acid with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and hepatoprotective properties. They help maintain structural and functional integrity of cell membranes, help in recovery and regeneration of liver cells, prevent damage to the liver and provide nourishment for a healthy liver.
Each soft capsule contains:

  • Lecithin 35 % – 715 mg providing phosphatidylcholine – 250 mg
  • Schisandra chinensis fructus extract – 50 mg
  • Silybum marianum semen extract (Milk Thistle) – 100 mg providing as Silybin 70 – mg
  • Alpha-lipoic acid 50 – mg

Dietary supplement for liver protection and maintaining healthy liver function.

As an adjuvant therapy along with conventional therapy in patients with liver diseases such as hepatitis, cirrhosis, alcohol induced liver disease, etc.

Take 1-2 capsules one to three times daily after meals or as directed by the physician.


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